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Norwich Youth for Christ launch nativity film  

Young people from Norwich Youth for Christ hosted the Big Christmas Jam on December 21 when they launched their Christmas film Na Na Nativity – the nativity as you’ve never seen before!

The film, based around the nativity story and a parody of hollywood blockbuster La La Land was mastermined and executed by young people with the support of local Christian charity Norwich Youth for Christ.
The event at Wroxham Road Methodist Church was attended by the young people, their families, friends and supporters of Norwich YFC. The youth band led some carols, there were some Bible readings and musicians Alice Quarterman and Liam Anthony gave live performances. The Wise Men entertained the crowd with their best cracker jokes! Everybody gathered enjoyed the big reveal of Na Na Nativity – which was the first time the finished film had been shown.
Youthworker Sarah Ballard said, "The team of young people have been involved all the way through the project from initial ideas to final edits. They've been committed in every way - even when we were filming scenes outside in freezing temperatures! 
We think they should be really proud of their work - we're really proud of them!"

NYFC director, Nick Blanch, said: "I opened Facebook this morning and the first thing to hit me was a Facebook message wishing me a ‘Happy Winter’. I’m struck again by how the real message behind Christmas is increasingly sidelined as Jesus becomes a forgotten prop rather than the main character. My hope and prayer is that this film can do its part to raise awareness of the first Christmas and show that “He wasn’t just any other Son”.

"Can you help us make a bigger impact? Watch the film and then share it on whatever social media channels you have, the more the better and if possible within the next 24 hours!" 
The synopsis of the five-minute film is:
Three stargazers follow a mysterious star in the east 
A teenager is told she is pregnant with God's son 
And four angels prepare to find a special shepherd! 
Here's to The Nativity as you've never seen!

It is hoped that the film will have a big impact online following the success of last years’s film which has been viewed over 2,500 times.

Click above to view the film

Article printed from at 06:53 on 05 July 2020