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Social justice the focus of Sprowston Filling Station

The next Filling Station at Sprowston on October 4 will focus on social justice and serving the poor.

In a world where our priorities and efforts are driven by a great many demands, we look back to the prophet Isaiah who reminded God's people that he wants our fasting to go beyond our own personal growth, to acts of kindness, justice and generosity.
Come and be welcome to a fresh insight into this eternal truth. As ever Sprowston Community Churches welcomes you to this event, be you a regular church attender or an enquirer into the Christian faith, there is something in God's word for everyone.
Coffee, cake and a great God are all guaranteed.
Filling Stations offer informal evenings of celebration, with high quality speakers and teachers, contemporary sung worship and powerful, accessible prayer ministry. Meetings are held at non-church venues mid-week and is a way for Christian communities to grow in depth and numbers.

Event details

Sprowston Filling Station 
Wednesday 4th October
7:30pm to 9pm
Sprowston Manor, Norwich, Norfolk NR7 8RP
For more details contact Kirsty Deary, Networker for Wroxham Road Methodist Church, 07421 352 437,

Article printed from at 05:49 on 18 March 2018