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Norwich SNL launched by Christian musician

sunday night live2Sunday Night Live was launched in Norwich on Sunday 5 June by talented Christian singer songwriter Josh Bunce.


This was the launch of a regular event happening on the first sunday of every month at Costa Coffee at the Nelson Hotel on Prince of Wales Road in Norwich.

The coffee shop was packed with over 70 people of all ages who were there to enjoy a relaxed evening of good entertainment and refreshments.


Sunday Night Live (SNL) is a national initiative and the idea is for people to invite their friends to come along to an evening of entertainment, coffee and cake and to hear the Christian message in a low-key, non-intrusive way.


The Norwich event was set up by Eternity Christian Centre and organisers were delighted to see so many people attend the event who were not connected with the church, proving that it really will turn in to a community event where anyone can feel welcome to come along.


Norwich SNL was launched by Josh Bunce [pictured above], whose acoustic melodies are reminiscent of Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz. Josh performed a number of his songs throughout the evening and explained about the inspiration behind his work.


"As a Christian my music is something that speaks my heart. My influence is God, my faith and life experiences. My music is an expression of what's closest to me. My faith in God plays a large part of that. It changes your whole world if you have a faith."

sunday night live1Josh is aware of the potential influence his songs may have on people. "There is an impact of everything you say and do so it's important to be careful of what your songs are about. Everything you say is picked up by someone; the words you speak and the songs you write.

Singers write about sex and sleeping around and there is no doubt that this has some influence on the people who listen to it. For me, God is right there, right in the centre therefore the my influence is postive."


Josh's second album See Right Through Me is due for digital release in a week's time. Josh is senior worship leader at Eternity Christian Centre in Norwich. 



Click here to listen to Josh's single Right Where You Are


Click here to visit the Sunday Night Live website


Article printed from at 18:55 on 19 February 2020