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Church celebrates 25 years and looks ahead

GageRoadChapel2007: A Norwich suburban church will celebrate its 25th birthday on June 24 with a weekend of celebration, reflection and anticipation. There will also be a great party.
"We want it to be a time when we recognise the work done over the years in this community," says Michael Graves, leader of Gage Road Chapel, Sprowston.
"But we also want to look forward to the ways in which the church can grow and develop in the days and years that lie ahead."
Gage Road Chapel began as a church plant from Oak Grove Chapel when the number of Christians in the area began to grow in the 1970s. A process of Christian growth through personal witness meant that several young families began coming to church and there was the need to begin a Sunday School in the area which, initially, was held in Sparhawk Avenue School. 
Later there was the opportunity to build a church on a site that had originally been allocated to a superstore. The plot was bought and the building opened on June 26, 1982. Since then the church has grown, developed and changed. In March 2006, Michael was appointed as the Pastor bringing to the position a wide variety of experiences in several skills including management in the civil service, teaching at the City College and involvement with several churches/church groups through connections with the Evangelical Alliance. 
"The people in this church have a loving and caring attitude," says Michael, "and we want to recognise that. With several community-based groups such as the bereavement group, Tot Spot, art and craft activities, youth and luncheon clubs, the church makes a valuable contribution to community life. And we need to look forward to new challenges.
"There are new homes being built close to the Tesco store and we need to welcome them, as well as developing our relationship with the other churches in Sprowston so we can speak with a united voice and message to this secular culture."
Michael is already involved with local schools and has visions for that to increase and develop to involve not only the church members but the church building too, adding: "On the 24th we will be celebrating not just the past and the present but that the best is yet to come."
Gage Road Chapel is on Gage Road, Sprowston, tel 01603 488481.
Pictured above is Gage Road Chapel.


., 27/05/2007

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