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Norfolk churches feature in national heritage race 

Ten Norfolk churches are set to be part of a non-stop race against the clock by Churches Conservation Trust Chief Executive, Peter Aiers, to visit 50 churches in 50 hours to mark the charity’s 50 years of caring for historic places of worship.

As well as celebrating the 50th anniversary the event aims to raise urgently needed funds to defend and protect churches in the CCT’s care from heritage crime. Across the nation churches face lead theft, vandalism, damage to irreplaceable stained glass and are targeted for the precious historical artefacts they hold.

Peter will start his journey in Portland, Dorset on Thursday July 25 before travelling up the country to the CCT’s most northerly churches and back down via East Anglia to finish in London on Saturday July 27.

During his journey Peter will travel using a wide range of transport; including a helicopter, van and motorbike and an assortment of vintage vehicles, alongside a campervan, bicycles and even a Pedicab.

Along the way Peter will meet with volunteers and local groups whose work is crucial for caring for historic churches and showcase the innovative ways historic churches can be brought to life.

Peter says he would love to see as many people on the route as possible, so cheer Peter on at your local church and join the fight against heritage crime by donating to The Great National Steeple Chase campaign.

Norfolk churches included in the Great National Steeple Chase:

St Mary's Bell Tower, West Walton, Norfolk, PE14 7ET: 6:05 PM - 6:20 PM, July 26
St Andrew's Church, Walpole, Norfolk, PE14 7LL: 6:29 PM - 6:41 PM, July 26
St Mary's Church, Islington, Norfolk, PE34 4SB: 6:56 PM - 7:06 PM, July 26
St Nicholas' Chapel, King's Lynn, PE30 1LT: 7:25 PM - 8:00 PM, July 26
St Michael the Archangel Church, Booton, Norfolk, NR10 4NZ: 9:00 PM - 9:25 PM, July 26
St Nicholas' Church, Brandiston, Norfolk, NR10 4PJ: 9:31 PM - 9:41 PM, July 26
St Faith's Church, Little Witchingham, Norfolk, NR9 5PA: 9:51 PM - 10:00 PM, July 26
St Laurence's Church, Norwich, NR2 3PE: 10:49 PM - 11:01 PM, July 26
St Augustine's Church, Norwich, NR3 3BY: 10:29 PM - 10:41 PM, July 26
Church of St John Maddermarket, Norwich, NR2 1DS: 11:05 PM - 11:17 PM, July 26

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Pictured above, Peter Aiers, will be visiting 50 churches in 50 hours and raising funds to tackle heritage crime. Picture from CCT.

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