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Norwich church supports Thai charity tackling prostitution

A Norwich church has helped a Christian charity in Thailand reach prostitutes working in the red light district of Patpong with the transforming message of the gospel.

David Adams, a member of Norwich Central Baptist Church (NCBC) is the UK development director for World Outreach International, and he recently visited Thailand to see firsthand the work of Rahab Ministries, who offer a future and a hope to the bar girls of Patpong.
The team from Rahab, which has its office in the heart of the red light district of Bangkok, goes out once every week to meet and build relationships with the women who work in the bars. Out of these relationships, and when funds permit, they invite the women to a 'party' with food, games, friendship and an opportunity to hear about Jesus.
Each party costs approximately £300, depending on how many women attend, which includes giving them a gift to cover their loss of income for that evening. The charity did not have sufficient funds for a party in recent weeks but David was able to bring funds donated by NCBC with him to cover the cost of the next event.
David said, “It was so gratifying to see their reaction when I gave them the gift from Norwich Central Baptist Church and they immediately began to plan the party for August 6th.”
Rahab July 2018 1The party went ahead – David’s was unable to attend as he was flying back to the UK that day – but he later heard that 33 women came to the party, which was themed around mothers day, which is held in August in Thailand. The women who attended enjoyed food, fellowship, heard about Jesus and had a night off from their usual work in the bars.

The women are invited to regular Bible studies and also have the opportunity to learn English and build relationships outside the environment of the bars.
Rahab Ministries is keen to support women into alternative employment and to build up their self esteem and emotional healing. David said, “When the women accept Jesus, the challenge is then to help them find gainful work so they can leave the bar work completely. This may include training them in jewelery making, sewing or running a launderette.”
During his visit, David was able to give Rahab Ministries the deposit towards the eventual opening of a second launderette. He said, “My prayer is that we can raise a further £4000 in order that the project can be realised and the women can move from the bars. This is a tremendous work which I believe is at the heart of the Kingdom - to help those who are on the edge of society to discover Jesus' love for them and be transformed." 

In the Patpong area, over 4000 children and girls, work as prostitutes in the bars and strip clubs. This is just the tip of the iceberg. It is estimated that as many as 800,000 women and children are involved in the sex trade in Thailand. 
Further information and details about supporting this work can be obtained from contacting David Adams at
For more information about Rahab Ministries visit

Pictured above: the women playing games at the party. Below: David Adams with two of the leaders of Rahab

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