Norwich dinner with ‘Taste of Israel’ theme

MarkMarieSurey450Former Communist youth leader, Mark Surey who was brought up in a secular Jewish family but was suddenly and surprisingly converted to Christ ‘while trying to disprove the case for the empty tomb’, was guest speaker at a special ‘Taste of Israel’ dinner evening in Norwich on Tuesday, September 5.

The dinner, with Israeli food and music, was in the popular series of international dinner evenings arranged by the FGB Fellowship at the Mercure Hotel on Boundary Road, Norwich.

A life-changing discovery

As a student, Mark played rugby for the London Irish Colts. He also became youth chairman of the Communist Party and up till then his Jewish identity seemed unimportant. (At that time his parents were also atheists following the death of loved ones in the Holocaust).

Mark’s dramatic conversion happened because he hoped to disprove the resurrection of Jesus and thus win a debate in support of atheism. Instead, it resulted in him “leaving a library as the most surprised Christian in North London!”

As a new believer, Mark later ‘embraced his Jewishness’ and also became an ordained Christian minister, university lecturer and pastoral leader in Europe and the US.  Mark’s wife Marie is a speech pathologist who came to faith in Christ through the testimony of Christian college friends.

How to book for this dinner

Dinner tickets are available from Dr Barrie Lawrence via email, phone or post.  Bookings can be made by email to:
Bookings can also be made by telephone 01603 898 289.

MercureHotelNorwich600Postal bookings can also be sent to: Barrie Lawrence, “Crossways”, Court Hill, Frettenham, NR12 7NL.

Cheques made payable to FGBMFI Norwich, cash or electronic transfer are all acceptable – “but don’t wait too long!” says Barrie.  The cost is £15 per person.  The Mercure Hotel is on the ring road at 121-131 Boundary Road, Norwich NR3 2BA, opposite the Asda retail complex.

All are welcome: the September 5 dinner is one of the regular FGB dinner evenings where speakers share "new life stories."  These events are arranged by the Norwich Chapter of the Full Gospel Businessmen (FGB), part of a worldwide fellowship in more than 100 nations.  FGB is endorsed by the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, who says: “We need more men like them.”

Pictured here: Mark and Marie Surey; and the dinner venue at the Mercure Hotel.

Published: 07/08/2017