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Mountain-top experience ends in desire for revival 

Norwich Methodist minister Rev Nigel Fox has been on a three-year journey of faith leading from a Hebrew blessing through fire to revival. Here he concludes his trilogy of articles describing his experiences.

If you travelled with me thus far, you’ll realise I’ve been holding this black symbol of burning for some months now, hardly knowing what to make of it.
Things became a little clearer to me in April of 2015, first, when Roy & Daphne Godwin came over from Ffald-y-Brenin to speak so encouragingly of the ministry of praying, locally, for the blessing of God. I determined to seek out an ancient place of prayer not far from the prayer centre, on top of Mynydd Carn Ingli.
Then in May, when Dr Alistair Petrie visited Norwich to encourage us into a serious revival, through the transformation of the city and our region, he spoke of changes in atmosphere as the land itself is made holy once again.


Something clicked again, and I saw that the coal I’d been given was a sign for all who dare to believe it… that God has already gifted us with revival, and it’s not withdrawn. It has faded, certainly, as we’ve taken our eyes off the King and stopped seeking first the kingdom while trying to build the church ourselves.
Dr Petrie also addressed the Global Day of Prayer celebration in Norwich Cathedral on May 24 last year. Some may recall I was able to speak briefly at that event, also, outlining something of what I had learned along the way.
I was already booked into Ffald-y-Brenin for my third visit in June 2015. It was a different experience this time, in that it was filled with so many encounters and conversations – like the two Salvationists who’d come over from Australia to catch the fire (they did!), and the three folk who almost joined me atop Carn Ingli.
But the one which stands out was the conversation with Rowland and Gail, day visitors from Newport. Just after leaving a prayer-time with a distinct sense of “more” from God, Rowland reached over to me and – yes – placed another piece coal, real Welsh anthracite, into my hand!
Before they left, having prayed for myself and a colleague, he then gave a small pot of yet more of that coal which burns with a hot flame – a sign of God’s abundant provision, so freely released through (DV) revival. He explained something of the message that accompanies it: that coal comes at great cost (more than £100 per tonne, there’s been a real sacrifice in mining); that there’s a redemptive purpose in something brought up out from the land and given to redeem and cleanse the land.
I soon found myself making gospel connections…
This final part of a brief trilogy can only be a taster of what has been happening in my own spiritual journey. Much of it remains a mystery, and more is still to be revealed – in God’s good time. All I know is: I desire to see revival and want to be a part of it.
We are living in momentous times, and it is the writer’s conviction that the Lord is already at work and that we can expect more. Psalm 97:3 reminds us that “Fire goes before Him.”
May this be our ceaseless prayer:
“Lord, release the fire of revival, and may my own heart burn with holy fire, for love of You and the glory of your Name.”
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Pictured above is a Mynydd Carn Ingli.

NigelFox150Rev Nigel Fox continues to serve at Wroxham Road (Sprowston), White Woman Lane, and Bowthorpe Road (Chinese) Methodist churches, until retirement in 2017.


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