Space expert shares faith story at Norwich dinner

AndyParker450Andy Parker, a Christian electronics expert who has helped the world to see spectacular live pictures from the Rosetta spacecraft that landed a robot on a comet, was the special guest at an inspirational dinner evening at the Best Western Brook Hotel, Bowthorpe, on Friday, September 11 at 7 for 7.30pm.

Andy has worked with for 15 years with a pioneering UK company that supplies vital sensors to send back pictures across six billion kilometres, exploring our solar system and the origins of life itself. 

On a personal level, Andy, who became a Christian at 16 through the testimony of a school friend, says thespiritual origins of life are also revealed in the Bible – “and the best discovery of all is to know the love of Christ,” he says.

Andy’s love for Jesus Christ has sent him into prisons as a volunteer chaplain - and every year he does mission work in India. In between, he is also president of the Southend Chapter of the Full Gospel Businessmen.

This event is arranged by the Norwich chapter of the Full Gospel Businessmen, part of a worldwide fellowship in more than 130 nations. FGB is endorsed by the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, who says: “We need more men like them.”

Pictured above is Andy Parker and the dinner venue at the Brook Hotel, Bowthorpe, NR5 9JB.

Published: 18/08/2015