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Shock ending to Norwich church teaching series 

This August, one Norwich church has decided to cover a popular topic in an usual way during its weekend services, including creating its own End of the World movie trailer.

Proclaimers, based at The Space on Roundtree Way, launched a new teaching series last weekend entitled ‘The End’, during which they will be looking at teachings from the Bible on the end of the world.
“This subject has risen to a frenetic tempo over the last 60 years of cinematography,” said Lead Pastor Tom Rawls.  “The number of movies about it before 1950 was 4, 1950 - 1959  was 11, 1960 - 1969 was 20 , 1970 - 1979 was 33, 1980 - 1989 was 33, 1990 - 1999 was 34, 2000 - 2014 jumped to 99.
“Hollywood has definitely registered that movies like this resonant in the hearts of society. We are all fascinated - frightened - intrigued - entertained - terrified - captivated – alarmed,” said Tom.
The church is taking a creative approach to unpacking this topic in way people can engage in what can, for many, seem a scary or confusing subject. With a fun promotional trailer they have been using in the build-up to the series launch, to multi-media video presentations, and musical items performed by their band. Last Sunday the team did a rendition of the well known song ‘I can only imagine’ by the band ‘Mercy Me’.
ApocalypseProclaimers430With over 30 years of preaching and ministry experience Tom shared a powerful and insightful message looking at the coming of the day of the Lord based on 2 Peter 3:10-12, but is keen to have some of his team speak as part of the series too.
“I want some of the younger members of my team to share their understanding of what the scripture has to say,” he said. “ They are a generation that has been raised with apocalyptic movies and video games. I am keen for them to have a voice, and bring their perspective on this matter at our evening services.”
The series continues this Sunday, August 10, at 10am when Tom will be speaking, and at 6pm when his Executive Pastor Owen Morgan will be speaking on ‘When will the world end?’.
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