Invitation to share Norwich Jewish celebration

Chanukah370Norwich’s Jewish Messianic congregation is set to mark the Chanukah celebration with a public lighting of a candle at the Forum in Norwich on November 27 and Rabbi Binyamin Sheldrake has extended an open invitation to join them.

Chanukah, or Festival of Lights, is the annual celebration in the Jewish community where we remember the time that the Jewish people, under the inspirational community leadership of a small dedicated group of fighters, overthrew the mighty army of a foreign empire that had threatened to engulf our little nation of Israel, remove the Temple worship and destroy our cultural traditions and identity.
In the face of not only military aggression but also a subtle cultural assimilation, the people had to fight back. Against all the odds, humanly speaking, the Temple was rededicated and cleansed. According to tradition there was only enough oil prepared for one day's lighting in the newly rededicated Temple, yet it miraculously burned for eight days while new oil could be made ready.
The annual remembrance of this historical event is normally firmly based in Jewish homes and synagogues around the world. Yet in recent years the lighting of the Chanukiah (a central aspect of the nightly service during the eight days) has been held in public and in cities around the globe.
Last year in Norwich, for the first time, the candles were lit in public in Thorpe St Andrew when Chloe Smith MP and the Mayor of Thorpe were present to celebrate with us.
This year the celebration will be moved to a more central location to spread the light of awareness and allow others to celebrate with us. The candle of the first night of Chanukah will be lit in the Forum on the evening of Wednesday November 27 at 7pm in the Forum Atrium with some traditional Jewish music and some brief comments from myself.
Afterwards there will be doughnuts available, a traditional way of celebrating Chanukah.
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Rabbi Binyamin Sheldrake is from the Adat Yeshua Messianic Synagogue in Norwich.
Pictured above are Chanukah celebrations in Norwich.

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