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How's it hanging? God is the master craftsman

doorHouse renovation and DIY might be the focus of many people, but Norfolk Christian speaker Ruth Tong invites us to take a moment to consider our spiritual brackets and hinges.

I love watching house renovation programs; the idea of taking something dilapidated and giving it a whole new lease of life really appeals to me.  The sense of fruitfulness as planning, preparation and hard work, not to mention the skill of the tradesmen and how that all comes together to produce something life enhancing makes my heart smile.

One of the things which fascinates me with these impressive structures are the front doors because they are the first reflection an outsider sees of the design preference of the folks inside. Regardless of design however doors have one thing in common, they hang on small or even invisible hinges.  When hanging a door there is a critical moment where each hinge and bracket must line up if the door is to be hung successfully on its turning point. Do you know, I think there’s an analogy to be had with here… Let me illuminate, the small choices we make and how we respond can have a hugely significant influence on the direction of swing of the door of our lives. Hinges can be positive, like falling in love or getting a job but many more hinges can be difficult and painful; when a loved one dies, we fail when it mattered - what holds us and what do we hang on then?

The Greek word for turning point is ‘Krisis’-  it relates to chariot racing and the point where the driver had to basically do a U turn before the home straight. During ‘the turn’ the balance of the chariot is most likely to be thrown off and a crash result. It’s where our English word crisis comes from. Rarely does it feel like it at the time but there is a plus side to this turning process. Krisis forces a change in our stance bringing balance to what really matters to us, shaking lose all the sawdust of superficiality. The turning action increases our awareness of the need for support from something beyond ourselves. Just as the door is stressed as it is hung it’s the stress of each hinge with each bracket as it turns which causes a secure fit.

Guys you may not always feel it but you are secure in Christ. He will never leave you or give up on you no matter how things seem. In that point of crisis when you take a deep breath and panic pray for the wisdom, words of life or courage stay the course it’s then you are lubricating your spiritual hinges. Furthermore when we choose to work through the grind and friction of the bend with the Holy Spirit’s tools - graciousness, encouragement, love you now His stuff! We bring freedom, movement and an opening for God restorative power in the lives of others. If you’re feeling (please forgive the poor pun) a bit unhinged, know nothing can move you out of the will of God (Jn 10:28).

Be encouraged every hinge, every bracket in your life is crafted by the hand of a master craftsman and will work according to His GOOD purpose and plan!

Ruth TongRuth Tong is the Coordinator of Women’s Ministries at Downham Market Christian Fellowship and the author of ‘Love Drops from Heaven’.  Ruth regularly blogs at http://lovedropsfromheaven.blogspot.co.uk

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