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Christian charity celebrates seven years of hope

A Norwich-based Christian charity, which offers hope and care to women in a Peruvian prison, is celebrating its seventh anniversary with news that it can now provide a sanctuary for the women when they are released. Charity founder Liz Lake, from Norwich, reports.

In Peru women celebrated Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May, as is the custom every year. It was just before Mother's Day seven years ago that the link between women in Santa Monica prison, Lima, and women in Norwich was formed. So much has happened in that time and little did we know then what was to come!


Initially all the women who are known as 'madrinas' (godmothers) were supporting women who were in prison on false charges of terrorism. Some of them have been released in the past few years and have moved away from Lima and lost touch with us. Others have remained in the area and regularly meet together with Miriam and one another for encouragement and fellowship.


One or two others are still in prison and hoping to be released in the near future, although they can never be sure when that will be. In this time, others have become Christians and meet regularly with the Hope and Song to Freedom group in prison. The ministry is therefore changing and we try to move forward and support both those on the inside, and those who have been released.


For the latter, there are many challenges as they re-adjust to life on the outside, for the former there is much need of encouragement in their difficult days.


We always hoped to have somewhere one day where women who are released can come and live for a period of time while they get re-adjusted to life on the outside. We wondered when that dream would become a reality and now we are pleased to report that it has!


God has provided a building which we have called The Ark and this will be a great blessing in the future. We are excited to have taken this step of faith and seeing what God will do, at the time of writing we are waiting for one particular person to be given a release date and believe she will be our first guest!


Thinking of the journey we have been on in the last seven years reminds me of the picture in our logo which has been so significant to us since the start - the acorn growing into an oak tree. We pray that we will continue to see growth and be able to be a blessing to many more women who need us. Thank you for your prayers, they are greatly appreciated!

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If you would like to know more about the work, or wish to be involved in this ministry through prayer or practical support, you can also email Liz at info@hopesongfreedom.org.uk  or at : Hope & Song to Freedom, 6 Trimming Walk, Taverham, Norwich, NR8 6YX.

Hope and Song to Freedom is part of the Grassroots Christian charity.

Pictured top is Liz Lake centre with some women in Peru.


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