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Norwich missionary fulfils 63-year Nepal dream

Terence Gallant2009: Norwich missionary Terence Gallant is on the verge of realising a 63-year-old dream to travel to Nepal to share his Christian faith, after he first stood on the border but was unable to enter because of his beliefs as a soldier way back in 1946.

A member of Elim Pentecostal Church in Norwich, Terence is a missionary to Eastern Europe.

Terence explains, “I was serving with the army in India when, in 1946, I was taken to the border with Nepal by missionaries. We could not enter the country as it was completely closed to Christians but as I stood there I longed to enter the country some day.”

Western missionaries were first allowed into Nepal in the mid 1950s, ten years after Terence stood on the border. There has been rapid development in the last 60 years, although conversion to Christianity is still illegal and many pastors have spent years in prison for the crime of converting others.

The opportunity arose for Terence to travel to Nepal this year. He will fulfil his dream at the age of 84 when he travels to Nepal for two weeks from April 20. Terence will be staying in a Christian guest house and will address hundreds of Nepali pastors at the conference of the National Christian Fellowship of Nepal. He will also spend time visiting and encouraging Christian groups and preaching in churches.

Terence says, “Nepal is the 13th poorest country in the world and thus I am hoping to be able to give some help financially as well as encouraging the believers and enjoying the country. I have never forgotten seeing Nepal even though so many years have passed. This memory will always stay with me.”

., 09/04/2009

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